The world ash and slag production can reach up to 739 million tons a year and in Russia, especially in the Moscow region alone, it is estimated that about only 6% of the natural resources that are mined reach the consumers and the rest are either stacked up in the storage places or fill up lands resulting in dumps and landfills. As a result of which, it can cause serious environmental issues like pollution, health issues of the people living nearby and also turning vacant lands into landfills causing a reduction of available lands for living. It is also estimated that in Russia and Africa, only 10 to 20% of these wastes are recycled whereas in countries like Japan, Germany and France about 60 to 100% of industrial wastes is recycled or used in construction. So, Russia is definitely lagging behind.


Most of the waste recycling and incineration plants fail to recycle these waste products ecologically and only add up to the problem. Moreover, due to high cost of waste disposal, need of raw materials etc. most companies often prefer to the use of “symbolic fines” rather than dealing with the problem itself. The process of recycling waste is also quite expensive and not a profitable venture.


What is Angenium?

Angenium is a unique project that will completely decompose man-made waste products into constituents of high cost. It’s technology uses a unique sorbent that will work on all types of waste products and will extract precious metals like gold, silicon dioxide, aluminium dioxide, iron oxide and also pyrite cinders. The sorbent is 10 times cheaper than other analogues in the market. Even secondary resources like plastic, metal, radio electronic components are crushed and extracted to its full value. For e.g. from 1 ton of old mobile phones one can get 150 g of gold which is remarkable. The Blockchain based ecosystem will use tokens for all its transactions. Buyers will be provided with a certificate for purchase of products in the system and it will be recorded in the Blockchain network. The token used in the system is Angenium coin or ANG_Coin, which is ERC20 compliant and is based on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Highlights of Angenium

  • A universal sorbent material that works on all metals and ensures 99.9% purity.
  • It can be operated anywhere from any country and has a capacity of 5000 to 1000000 tons of waste recycling per year.
  • The franchise is available everywhere on a “ready-to-operate” basis.
  • It is in compliance with all the legal procedures and legislations and maintains all the standard ecological standards.
  • It is trademark protected and requires no approval for fourth or fifth grade non-toxic waste recycling, as the sorbent is organic.
  • It is ecologically balanced and does not affect the environment.
  • It will release tons of lands which were earlier filled with wastes.
  • Low operational costs with wide range of final products from iron, gold to even rare earth metals.
  • High market price for final products and the system will likely be adopted by many countries.


In Russia alone about 1.5 billion tons of ash and slag has covered about 28,000 hectares of land and about 50 million tons of pyrite wastes are generated from the Russian power plants. This is a major setback for the environment and economic landscape of the county resulting in health issues and reduction of available land for living.


Angenium ICO Details

  • Token: ANG
  • Price: 1 ENG = 1 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Soft cap: 18,500,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 90,000,000 USD


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Final Words

The main aim of Angenium is to recycle these wastes at a very low cost, but produce final products of high cost that can also contribute to the economic growth of the nation. It will increase the volume and speed of mining process of precious metals where waste products will be the raw materials. It will be a global solution to environmental pollution due to wastes and also increase the habitable land of people.

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