The Internet of Things or IoT refers to a network of physical devices like home appliances, vehicles, software embedded devices, sensors, etc that uses sensors and APIs to transfer data to the internet. IoT is becoming a huge success and more and more companies and organizations are coming forward and realizing its benefits. It is estimated that the economic benefit of IoT is likely to exceed $1.9 trillion in the year 2020 alone. Some of the impact and benefits of cloud-based IoT platform are:


  • Companies can now track the marketing behaviour based on real-time services.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering highly personalized products and services.
  • In the transportation industry, the smart system can be used to monitor traffic, keep track of accidents, alert users of potential burglary beforehand, and smart cameras to share and maintain data for future reference.
  • Manufactures can understand and analyze the usage pattern of their products based on data collected on customer behaviour and improve their production quality as well.
  • IoT also helps in decision analytics and produces high quality data by subsequently reducing the operational cost.


The Healthcare industry in US maintains and uses a huge data record of patients. These documented records are extremely helpful and important to keep track of patient’s prognosis and recovery process especially in life-threatening diseases where any miscalculation can cause severe damage to the patient’s health. Moreover, the database is huge in size and very complex in nature and the traditional data analysis tools are incapable of handling such large-scale data. The organizations have to maintain hundreds of servers to manage these databases and the cost of cloud services are also increasing day by day.


The organizations as such are in continuous search of cloud service managements that will considerably reduce their costs of maintaining these data. Experts believe that the decentralized cloud-based IoT services are the only solution and thus huge investments have been made in Blockchain based innovations in the medical sector in the recent years.


What is Quras?

The Quras Project was specifically designed to revolutionize the data storage services in the Healthcare industry and thus providing a more secure and safe Blockchain based service that was previously unattainable. Quras will gradually expand its services to other business sectors and develop wide range of applications as well in the coming years.


How does it work?

Quras will record the entire database chronologically in its network permanently so that it will be available for future reference anywhere and anytime by the patients and the doctors. Quras uses the “open source” approach and gives complete control of its data, storage, and assets to its users through smart contracts and cryptocurrency tokens.

One of the ground-breaking innovations made by the Quras team is the development of its new Dapp, which focuses on one of the current issues of modern life i.e. obesity. Public health is a major concern nowadays. People are very busy and they hardly have any time to go out and do exercise. So, Quras has developed its first product, which is a mobile App that will allow users to earn coins by simply taking a walk or jogging. The user simply has to download the App in his mobile phone and carry it with him whenever he goes for a walk. Quras will automatically keep track and score you according to your performance. This will definitely inspire the “lazy bones” and motivate them to download and use the App because now they can earn too in their leisure time simply by walking. The App also contains virtual and reality features where like-minded people can communicate and interact with each other and earn coins.


Highlights of the Quras Project:

  • It is a secure platform that uses anonymous cloud-based IoT and is privacy oriented as it uses the zero knowledge proof systems and the latest security measures in the market. It will ensure complete anonymity to the users, which will enable them to have full control and power over the system.
  • Quras uses the latest network distribution technologies such as “Tor” and ensures maximum security to the data storage system. There is absolutely no chance of any leakage or security breach in the system. It uses the high quality file storage encryption system for maximum security and optimum quality in storage of data and transactions.
  • Earlier, the traditional data streaming tools were incapable of handling the huge network of data securely. Quras by using Blockchain and DAG protocol will handle faster and uninterrupted streams of transactions in a highly secure and anonymous network of the system.
  • All transactions are done through the smart contracts of the system. The user has to pay a small transaction fee in accordance of his holding in the system. The fees are paid via Quras tokens.
  • Users can earn coins on the basis of their contribution to the network. They can participate in games, peer-to-peer transactions, and social functions and increase the network of the community and earn in return.
  • Users can earn dividends according to their ownership in the ecosystem.
  • By using smart contracts there is no trust issues and no interference of any third party which makes the system highly secure and anonymous. Both parties can now carry out transactions freely without any fear.
  • The QURASchain, which is the platform for smart contracts for IoT services, will help consumers to operate IoT services through smart contracts.
  • Another key feature is the XInsole, which is a smart insole device that will keep a track of your fitness regimen through your Smartphone. The App will be used along with QURASchain and will generate data while you walk.
  • Users will have full control on who can access their content and also decide on what they want to feature on their content for public view.
  • The platform will use a very user-friendly interface.
  • The QURAS Token will be utility token for the ecosystem and will be used extensively for all transactions and services in the system.
  • Quras will invite more IoT developers to improve and broaden the ecosystem which will eventually reduce the operational cost, improve performance and foster more rewards to the users.
  • A simple verification process for the users.
  • Users can also rent out their unused hard drive space to the Quras network through the use of Drive-Share and MetaDisk Applications.


The IoT network of services and devices will connect to our lives through machines via sensors and will collect data thus improving our lives and productivity. IoT envisions improving our basic standard of life by providing a cleaner and more productive environment around us. We can now control our homes, offices, and public places and save energy as well. IoT will pave the way to smarter homes and lifestyle by providing security, paying our bills, better health by constant monitoring of patients, smart automobiles and will carry out the mundane day-to-day activities of our lives. IoT is a huge success and Quras will use its Application Programming Interfaces or APIs to connect the devices to the Internet and allow us to take control of our lives.




Earn Quars Coins Through Bounty Program

Quars has also announced its bounty program for bounty hunters with total allocation of 750,000 Quras. Initial price of the Quras coins is fixed to 0.5 USD. So total bounty amount is equivalent to 3,75,000 USD which is divided into different bounty channels as follows:

  • Translation/Moderation – 15%
  • Bitcointalk Signature Campaign – 15%
  • Telegram – 15%
  • Twitter – 15%
  • Facebook – 10%
  • Blogs/Articles/Video Reviews – 25%
  • Bonus – 5%


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Final Words:

Quras aims to give equal opportunity to all its users through the use of the Quras coins. It is based on a “horizontal hierarchy” system where all users are equal. Users can enjoy remittance fees along with their rewards. Quras will ensure full confidentiality and privacy of your data. Quras was mainly developed to ensure reduction in the cost of cloud storage system and to provide storage for huge data analysis which were earlier impossible. Currently, about six million cloud developers are working in the field of data analysis worldwide and it is a booming market.

Corporations and organizations are investing and earning huge benefits from data investments. Big corporate houses invest huge amounts to study and analyze the market nature and customer behaviour every year. Small vendors however, are incapable to maintain and handle this huge data due to lack of proper data handling tools, infrastructure and huge cost involved in the process. Quras will now ensure that even the smallest of vendors can avail its benefits through the use of its applications and Qurascoin. Quras envisions a P2P social network system that will help users to maintain their social network sites and communicate with the world, but without the interference of commercial advertisements.


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