Forget P2P, CoinDCX has announced the launch of a platform where users can instantly (in less than 60 seconds) buy 40+ cryptocurrencies with INR. DCXinsta will be launched on August 15, 2018.


After receiving an overwhelming number of requests from users to launch a fast, efficient and secure platform for buying crypto with INR, a determined CoinDCX team took up the ambitious project of working on the DCXinsta.


What is DCXinsta?

As a crypto trader in India, you must have experienced numerous woes and hassles in buying crypto from a P2P platform. From collateral to disputes, scammers and endless hours of waiting to be matched with a seller, DCXinsta is a platform that saves you the precious hours of waiting time.


How does it work?

When you see a trade opportunity in the market and you wish to buy a cryptocurrency, all you have to do is log in to DCXinsta, get matched with sellers instantly, transfer INR to their bank account and you receive crypto in your wallet. All of this, in under 60 seconds.


What are the key features of the platform?

  • Buy 40+ cryptocurrencies in less than 60 seconds
  • Zero collateral and near zero possibility of disputes
  • Buy cryptocurrency for any amount. Buy crypto worth as low as ₹10 and as high as .
  • Fast, efficient and secure transactions
  • DCXinsta is fair for traders, buy cryptocurrencies at competitive prices.

How to sign up on the platform?

DCXinsta is an exclusive platform and is open only for first 1000 registered users. The next 5000 users would get access to the platform only through invites/referrals from the first 1000 users.


Signup to DCXinsta


Existing CoinDCX users have direct access to DCXinsta and are not required to sign up separately. Registrations for DCXinsta close on August 15, 2018. Reserve your spot before registrations close! Read more on official blog.


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Ekta Mourya 

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