MOBU has launched its first official bounty program called “Community Rewards Program” in order to reward its promoter with MOBU tokens. There is another bounty program which will take place from the 1st of November 2018 and ends on 31st of January 2019 (end of main sale). Total number of tokens allocated for bounty will be 1.666M equivalent to $250K.


Current bounty program will run until the Presale ends (15.09.2018). Bounty campaign is being managed by Amazix and as per the policy, rewards will be paid within 30 days after Token Sale ends. Participants have also given a choice of cashing in 50% of rewards in ETH after the end of the presale.


Mobu has also allotted signature campaign stakes for MoonForum members which is recently launched by Amazix. Details of the campaign is given below:


MoonForum Signature Campaign

Earn additional stakes per week by posting in MoonForum. (signature codes will be announced soon, please stay tune!)

Genesis Rank – Extra 0.5 stakes
Premining and Up ranks- Extra 0.75 stakes

1. Create account in
2. Minimum 5 meaningful posts per week must be made during bounty period. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count.
3. Posts should have a minimum length of 70 characters
4. Posts on local section are allowed but not more than 30% of the total posts.


What is MoonForum?

Moonforum is a newly launched cyrptocurrency forum growing really fast and can be considered as a competitor to Bitcointalk forum. It is a place where you can discuss about airdrops, bounties, ICOs, the latest blockchains, comment the freshest news about the world of cryptocurrencies or simply chill out and have a friendly chat about any trivial topic with other crypto-enthusiasts.


With a fresh custom-made responsive design (also for mobile devices and Tapatalk), lots of features and a friendly team behind the scenes, we are proud to present you the MOONFORUM.


The Moon Forum is not just another cryptocurrency forum. It is a whole new user experience, that brings the conversation to a whole new level. Some of its new features:

  • Post liking/thanking
  • Refined notification system
  • Refined feedback system to rate users, modeled after bitcointalk’s own system
  • WYSIWYG Editor, live preview of how your bbcode looks in your post
  • Detailed FAQ help guides to answer most of your questions on how to use the features
  • Paid premium forum software → many more options to fine tune your user experience
  • Transparency: public bans with reasons for the ban and possibility of appealing
  • Social features: add friends, interact, leave visitor messages, one-click share interesting posts on social networks, profile picture
  • Embedded multimedia
  • User tagging


Join MoonForum


But that’s not all! Other exciting features are in the making, which will be announced soon:

  • A collaborative blockchain-powered economy
  • Integrated auto-translations
  • Exclusive airdrops
  • And much more… stay tuned!

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