ICO has revolutionized the cryptocurrency market and has raised funds of about $3.4 trillion dollars in the first quarter of 2018 itself. Launching ICOs is far more cost effective than IPOs. Investment in the capital market has been a highly profitable venture, but most of the ICOs that have been launched so far have invested in utility tokens only. The security tokens by far have remained untapped and it is a huge potential market.


Introducing Mobu, which is a decentralized ICO platform for launching valid security tokens. Raising security tokens is not an easy task. There are several legal requirements that have to be followed before releasing a security token. These legal restrictions may vary according to the country you are residing in. Mobu will provide an organized self-regulating platform, which will allow its organizers and participants to legally raise security tokens without any hurdles or legal or technical disturbances.


Mobu.io: How it works

Mobu is an organised ICO platform that offers KYC, AML and SEC approval, escrow accounts as well as bank services to its investors. The platform is very innovative and user-friendly especially for not so tech-friendly companies who want to launch security tokens. The smart contracts help investors to easily convert their fiat currencies into crypto currencies. The joining fees are very low and the platform works 24/7 and provides instant settlement.


When a security token is issued in Mobu, the tokens are programmed to verify who can purchase or sell the tokens. Only authorized parties can trade in Mobu and have to pass through a strict verification process. This ensures security and trust in the system and confidence among participants. The Mobu smart contracts contain the code that confirms the security tokens are ERC20 compliant in the Mobu platform and also maintains the MOB20 standard.


The MOBU tokens are the utility tokens used in the Mobu platform and is used widely for all services. The MOBU tokens conform to the ERC20 platform and MOB20 standard and are based on the Ethereum platform. There is a “lockup” utility service for Mobu tokens, which restricts the spending of the tokens all at once and creates a scarcity of supply in the market. This increases the demand and value of the Mobu tokens.


Mobu’s Unique Features

  • A network of trust and confidence in the system that will develop economic and operational efficiency in the economy.
  • Launches security tokens backed up by real assets.
  • Only verified traders can operate in Mobu thus it ensures clarity and trust to the investors and operators.
  • A rating system of the service providers that tracks performance, pricing and capital requirements.
  • It provides legal support.
  • An investor account portal providing full technical support.
  • Mobu has tied up with commercial banks and provides bank support to its investors and ensures them guarantee in exchange of fiat currency to cryptocurrency.
  • High overall return of investment and dividends.
  • The users have voting rights.
  • Prevents security breach of personal and confidential data of investors.
  • The fees are considerably lower as compared to IPOs.
  • It ensures a faster transaction process. Instant and prompt transactions by eliminating intermediaries.
  • Bridges the gap between security tokens, Blockchain and investors all in a single platform.
  • A very transparent legal system which eliminates manipulation and involvement of the financial and other centralised institutions.
  • Mobu will introduce the First Forex PAMM Account and retain 20% of its authorised tokens.


Mobu ICO Details:

  • Token: MOBU
  • PreICO Price: 1 MOBU = 0.15 USD
  • Price: 1 MOBU = 0.15 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: BTC, ETH, Fiat
  • Minimum investment: 1 ETH
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD


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The global security market is constantly evolving and developing over the years. Mobu will definitely change the future of ICO market in the coming years.

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