The lending business comprises of about 90% of the employment of the informal market in many countries. But in the present economy, lenders find it very difficult to provide credit facilities to small borrowers due to lack of proper data and documentation records to evaluate their credit worthiness. As a result of which most of the small-time businessman can’t borrow from the traditional financial institutions. For example, a small grocery store owner may use different digital systems like mobile wallet or debit or credit cards to pay for his transactions. Now these financial details may prove his creditworthiness, but are invisible to the traditional financial lenders or institutions. So, though the grocer may have a very profitable business, but he has to get financial aid from family, friends, and relatives or from small lenders but at high interest rates. Moreover, the lending process is time consuming and complicated and many lenders do not want to take the risk to lend small-time businesses as they are worried about the repayment of their loans.

Introducing LendLedger, based on Stellar Blockchain which will bridge the gap between small business and lending institutions.


What is LendLedger?

The LendLedger is an open lending network that uses Blockchain technology to create a trustworthy platform where all information is recorded in a public ledger securely. It is a completely decentralized system and is not regulated by any central authority. Open APIs connects the parties in the network and allows them to share data, disburse loans, make payments through peer-to-peer mechanism. All data is encrypted and kept private and only shared during transactions between parties. Lenders connect to specialized Credit Evaluators or CEs who make loan decisions, amount, time, and terms of loans. Their decision is then submitted to the loan smart contract and the loan is disbursed to the borrower.

L-Data is a software tool on the ecosystem for data providers that record all transactions on the system and also process fiat transactions and L-Lend is the software tool for lenders. All the transactions are recorded in real-time.



  • Borrowers now have access to numerous numbers of lenders at competitive rates.
  • Lenders now can access a previously untapped market.
  • Borrowers have full power to share and control their data securely.
  • The open APIs standardize the system by decentralizing it.
  • An ecosystem built on trust both from the borrowers and the lenders point of view.
  • A common platform connecting borrowers, lenders and data providers.
  • A public Blockchain ledger makes all the transactions transparent and secure.
  • Every transaction is recorded in Blockchain with unique identifier of the participant. So it builds a reputation of the borrower, lender as well as DPs which is visible to all.
  • All the financial transactions are permanently recorded in the ledger.
  • All credit data of borrower is kept strictly confidential and is only visible to the interested parties.
  • The system is open to all.
  • The Loan Digital Asset is the loan Tokens of the system.
  • All the encrypted data is verified for its genuineness and validity.
  • It eliminates intermediaries and any central authority.
  • The system is inexpensive and cost of transactions is low as compared to centralized systems.
  • A very simple interface which anybody can use and does not require technological expertise.
  • An opportunity of growth for small business sectors.


LendLedger ICO Details:

  • Token: LOAN
  • Plateform: Steller
  • Accept: ETH
  • Countries Not Allowed: U.S., UK and China


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LendLedger was created in Arth Labs, an Indian company and is the brainchild of Gautam Ivatury and Manish Khera, the co-founders of the company. The main vision was to change the present scenario of lending in the informal market and to tap the huge untapped resources which were earlier invisible through the ecosystem. It even aims to work in the rural and more undeserved sectors of the economy. The company has by far worked across 400 cities in India and aims to cover even more.



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