Layer Protocol is a decentralised, reputation and incentive system. User’s siloed information from various companies such as Uber, AirBnB, can be pulled together for the mutual benefit of users as well as companies who have yet to gather enough behaviour data on the individual.


It massively improves the relationship between asset providers and their users in terms of assessing the risk of renting to a given individual, ensuring assets are kept in good condition and offering better prices to users with a history of positive behaviour. In return, users do not just receive better deals but also a variety of rewards, offers and incentives from partner companies on the network.


Layer Protocol differs from its competitors by being designed to allow easy integration to current existing, centralised, non-blockchian projects first. Adoption and useability is at the forefront of this tech and product centric team. The team behind Layer Protocol have designed and created Layer Protocol out of a need for such a reputation & incentive system from their own successful bike sharing company in San Francisco. A real world problem which is being solved elegantly through a blockchain power solution.

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