Over the past years, the entertainment industry has changed dramatically. Live streaming of TV shows, films, and other contents have replaced the traditional TV set-top boxes. Viewers are now demanding more engaging and interactive contents, which the traditional companies or existing streaming services are failing to offer, as a result of which, viewers are now looking for other personalized platforms and paying huge subscriptions to online streaming services. But the contents are often dominated by advertisers and self-produced contents which are of poor quality. The consumers have no control over the contents that are shown on the cable TVs or the online platforms. They have to watch the shows that are generating most amounts of profits to the content producers and advertisers.


So a section of niche audiences are losing interest. On the other hand, the show creators have to reach the #1 slot or otherwise their content might get rejected and could not be aired on TV. Moreover, the crowdfunding mechanisms are not up to the mark and fail to fund the premium contents. To cater to this need, producers and companies are looking for more innovative and profitable platforms where they can not only reach their target audience, but also have some control over the authenticity of their content. But this is not possible in the present setup of networks.


SmartChain Media is the next generation of streaming video entertainment platform that will merge crowdfunding, social media, TV shows, films, documentaries, and all sorts of other online content into a single platform using the 3.0 Blockchain technologies.


SmartChain: How Does It Work?

SmartChain Media wants to revolutionize the entertainment industry by bringing Blockchain technology into the entertainment world. It will bring a huge difference in the traditional cable and satellite TV industry by inviting both fans and media content creators into one platform and allowing them to take an active role in the content production.


Introducing iProdoos, the first ever crowdfunding platform that will allow users to earn revenue from the funds they invest on the project. The iProdoos is available as a mobile App and web interface on SmartChain ecosystem. It will merge all premium contents like TV shows and films as well as other online contents. Now viewers will not just be fans of their favourite shows, but can also act as producers and directly contribute to their shows. Fans can now decide whether they want a show to be aired or not. The lifespan of a show depends on their consensus vote. The original contents will be aired without any advertisements with a minimum of only $1 per episode.


The viewers now will only have to pay for the shows that they want to watch through the pay-per-view model. Consumers can even go behind the scenes of production and even interact with their favourite stars. They can win chances to even meet and greet them. The content creators get exclusive control of their contents and can now have the creative freedom to produce their original stories and ideas. MediaCoin is the token of the platform and can be used for all transactions and can be exchanged into Fiat or cryptocurrency. Viewers and content creators can fund and earn tokens as revenue from the system.



  • High degree of interaction between viewers, content creators, actors and production teams.
  • Very low cost per view with no ads or commercials.
  • Better production value.
  • Clutter-free and uninterrupted viewing of programs.
  • Zero licensing fee for international distribution.
  • Personalized experience to customers by engaging them in the platform and allowing them to create and incorporate ideas.
  • MediaCoin will ensure transparent business deals and will be central currency for all transactions in the system.
  • A superior chat interface where consumers can voice their opinions and expectations regarding shows and content producers and creators can have better understanding of consumer experience and behaviour.


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