There have been some major fundamental innovations in the Blockchain technology and many Blockchain projects have come into action over the years making cryptocurrency a very popular concept today. However, most of these existing Blockchains lack the proper speed, infrastructure and inability to interact and coordinate with each other. These limitations have been a major cause in the slow development of the Blockchain technology itself.


Introducing MetaHash, a self-regulating decentralized network that will allow Blockchain systems to unite under a single decentralized network. It is fully decentralized and free from the control of large corporate houses and is managed by open voting of end users.


MetaHash Structure And Components:

The MetaHash network consists of four major components.

  • TraceChain: It will solve the low speed problem of the system. It will generate more than 50,000 transactions per day in not more than 3 seconds per transaction. The transactions are protected by 5 different consensus algorithms. It is completely decentralized and no one can gain control over the system even with a huge amount of stake holding. Tokens of other networks can be used in MetaHash network like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc and can be converted into MetaHash coins. MetaHash allows easy transfer and transactions between all networks through TraceChain.
  • MetaApps: New generation smart contracts based on real-time applications. It can be developed by any programming language like C++, PHP, etc. MetaApps supports smart contracts functionality and can work on any Blockchain.
  • MetaGate: It is an open source program and a decentralized App directory for all applications and browsers. It also serves as a multi-asset wallet. All voting procedures are done in the MetaGate interface. The voting depends on the amount of MHC coin holdings of voters.
  • MetaHashCoin: The network’s payment currency. It is required for all transactions as well as self financing.


Key Features of MetaHash Network:

  • MetaHash will generate more than 5 billion transactions per day on an average of only 3 seconds per transaction.
  • Free transactions for all users.
  • For use of MetaHash Wallets users need to fulfil an added verification process which will eliminate any forgery or corruption in the network.
  • All assets can be easily exchanged into MetaHash tokens. It is very simple to use and anyone can participate in the action without having any prior knowledge of programming.
  • It does not require any specialized skill or expertise to use the mechanics of the system unlike the other Blockchain networks. A complete newcomer can also access its benefits.
  • The network will ensure a very high transaction speed but at a very minimum cost.
  • The network ensures high bandwidth which will again lower the transaction prices and increase transactions per unit of time.
  • Due to low fee and transaction cost more customers will be interested to use the system.
  • Any Ethereum ERC20 tokens can be converted into MHC and vice versa.
  • The MHC coins are instantly accepted as payment solutions in shops.
  • THE GUI or Graphic User Interface is very similar to that of ordinary web pages and are easy to use and understand.
  • For up-gradation or changes in software in the MetaHash network, voters will take the final decision through a standard voting procedure.
  • An open voting system where any voter can take decision and see results of the voting procedure. Users can also view IDs of other voters, which is an opportunity to get to know other participants of the network.


MetaHash is a revolutionary concept in Blockchain technology. It will work on any platform like finance, banks, business, education, services etc. It will acquire the full consensus of the entire network at a very high speed as low as 3 seconds per transaction. MetaHash will unite all the future Blockchain systems under a single decentralized network. MetaHash is a highly secure network and as such it is very difficult to corrupt or disrupt the network functioning.


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