Apollon is a Blockchain platform developed to support the host of pan-entertainment industry and provide diversified offerings to all business applications, big or small regardless of the nature of their business, geographic location or scale of operation. APO aims to provide Blockchain based infrastructure facilities to commercial businesses. The platform mainly targets the entire entertainment industry including gaming like esport, travel and tourism, and cultural activities etc. It is just like an eCommerce platform, but with much more global coverage and simple and effective payment tools. It has electronic wallets or eWallets and smart contracts which offer transparent, secure and convenient transaction facilities. The API makes it a highly interactive platform with high degree of privacy especially for international transactions.


How does Apollon work?

Apollon is a pan-entertainment eCommerce Blockchain ecosystem. It uses BFT-DPoS consensus mechanism smart contracts, which reduces the operating costs and makes it a highly secure platform. It also allows multi-chain functioning where different Blockchains can interact and communicate with each other and provide a more efficient and convenient data processing. Any legitimate user like a commercial business operator or a service operator can buy APO coins and operate an e-Shop on the platform. The BFT-DPoS will secure the operations between the user and the customers. Apollon offers a two-tier currency structure. Apollon has a dual-layer digital currency system consisting of the APO coin which is the token of the ecosystem and LCASH or liquidity cash equal to US$1. The APO token is the main currency of the system whereas; the LCASH is the legal currency. The API based exchange gateway will allow quick exchange of the legal currencies or APO tokens into the ecosystem even online game tokens. Customers can also make online purchases from the APO merchants anytime using this payment gateway.


Apollon [APO] Features:

  • APO offers a global platform for a variety of entertainment industries like gaming, travel and tourism, animation etc.
  • Trading is done directly eliminating the third party interference thus minimizing the overhead costs.
  • TuYYO a state-of-the-art IM tool is used, which protects the message and document transfer to and from from this platform.
  • A chat room where operators and customers can interact and also state their problems and make decisions.
  • The loyalty bonus points and credit points can be used to redeem discounts or price reduction incentives.
  • The platform allows cross border payments facilitating international transactions.
  • Completely decentralized platform with almost zero financial intervention allowing free flow of funds and real-time trading.
  • Zero knowledge proofs of Blockchain technology allows you to do transactions without revealing personal details.
  • Increases security and reliability of network. Developers get storage space and computing power in proportion to their holdings in the network.
  • Unlike the PoW consensus mechanism, the DPoS mechanism is much more energy saving and will conserve resources and power of the network.
  • The APO ownership is directly proportional to the APO token holding of the operators. They do not have to pay any other fees.
  • APO uses the Longtooth feature, a unique technology that will elevate interoperability and connectivity among different ecosystems. Each participating service operator gets a unique identity which will be used for all authentication and authorization purposes.
  • Incentive based system where APO will reserve 30% of its token value as prize tool and rewards.
  • A very swift and quick governance protocol for resolving problems and differences generated in the network.
  • APO’s digital eWallet is very convenient to use.
  • Mobile Application service for travel and tourism. Travellers can also purchase insurance claims through smart contract technology at the beginning of their tour.


The entertainment industry is rapidly growing and with the Blockchain technology and smart media tools, we can generate more innovative ideas to serve the consumers. The APO ecosystem will cover the entire entertainment industry and provide cross-cultural payment options in the near future.


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