Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs have been a major investment vehicle in the recent years and came into action from the year 1990. It has since been a very popular investment tool and very similar to mutual funds or stock exchanges. The ETF industry is booming and is likely to generate a massive amount of more than $8.9 Trillion dollars of assets by the year 2020. Today, the global ETF industry has about 7366 ETFs functioning and is a major financial invention so far. The rise of the cryptocurrency market has been another significant invention, but by far there has been no initiative done to evaluate and explore them in any ETF or stock exchange platform.

Introducing the Kryptoin ICO; the first ever and only cryptocurrency ETF platform developed to exchange-trade digital tokens with cryptocurrencies.


What is Kryptoin, How does it works;

The Kryptoin ETF platform will work along with any Blockchain and allow its cryptocurrency to be included into the exchange trade system. It will work to overcome the various risks and problems that the financial stock exchange and ETF markets are facing today. Smart contracts enable decentralized asset management and all the ETF tokens are backed by assets. KRP is the token used in the Kryptoin Platform and it works on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Kryptoin ETF tokens will behave like any other ETFs in the stock exchange. The only difference is that they can be exchanged or traded on a Kryptoin Trading desk and can be liquidated on a digital exchange. The krypto tokens allow ETF tokens to be used in any crypto sector. The Blockchain tokens can be securely kept in the system wallet called the Megawallet. The megawallet accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, etc to name a few. The Kryptoin User Interface is a highly secure and scalable interface with all the modern features of web application. The Trading Desk of the system integrates with the APIs of multiple stock exchanges across the globe. Users can now trade simultaneously in multiple exchanges.


Kryptoin Features:

  • The ETF tokens are backed by smart contracts, which decentralize the entire system.
  • The ICO holds a Provisional Patent at the U.S. Patent office.
  • All the retail investors and asset managers now have access to a vast ETF market.
  • ETFs are asset backed so the platform will be cost effective and highly transparent.
  • The AI based user interface is easy to use and understand even for someone who is new to the market and the concept.
  • The decentralization of exchanges will create trust and eliminate mismanagement of funds.
  • Now ETFs can integrate with multiple stock exchanges.
  • Trading desks that provide liquidity to the market by exchanging and redeeming tokens with the issuer and the exchange.
  • Trading desks provide a comparative study of multiple stock exchanges as well as price differences of individual tokens or ETF coins.
  • Programmable trading bots using the benefits of Artificial Intelligence will soon be launched in the system.
  • The system is highly secure which uses a Central Authentication system or CAS along with an elaborate firewall system. Moreover, public can log in only after completing a two-factor authentication process.
  • The risk management system continuously evaluates and monitors the withdrawal and trading of funds and ensures full safety to the system.


Kryptoin was set up in 2016 in Toronto, Canada and run by a highly efficient team. The main idea was to explore the ETF market and integrate it with the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency investing is not an easy task and many are still unfamiliar to its nuances. Kryptoin will bring the benefits of stock exchange to the whole new world of crypto assets and use decentralized Artificial Intelligence to create the best ETF market of the new generation. The ETF System can integrate with any Blockchain so it will definitely change the future of crypto assets in the coming years.


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