In the 21st century, having a bank account has become essential for saving, transferring or doing any transaction of money. But there is still a huge population who don’t possess any bank account. But Banks, being centralized by nature have the power to seize the account of its users under assured circumstances. While traveling to another country, the exchanging of currency is also a headache for the travelers because of the high conversion charges.


Omise is a huge company which provides payment gateway to e-commerce companies in South East Asian (SEA) countries. It started back in 2013 and has a huge customer base and fundings because of the unrefined banking structure in the Asian countries. Now the company is expanding in the peer-to-peer transactions and exchange networks using Blockchain technology.


This Blockchain system is called OmiseGo (OMG) by the company. It is the answer to a fundamental coordination problem amongst the payment processors, gateways, and financial institutions. It provides the next-generation value transfer service operating across currencies and asset types.



It is a decentralized exchange network. It uses the Ethereum Blockchain to formulate all the exchanges which take place while payment and remittance.

The technology is very useful as it can be utilized for several projects at the same time like:

  • A decentralized exchange
  • Liquidity provider mechanism
  • Clearinghouse messaging network
  • Asset-backed Blockchain gateway


The OmiseGo is working on a public Ethereum based financial technology is such way that it can make a good use of old-style of digital wallets. One more advantage is the white label wallet of OmiseGo. This allows the use of trustworthy monetary solutions on the network in the coming future.


The management team of OmiseGo has some of the best engineers, designers, and managers like Jun Hasegawa (CEO/FOUNDER), Donnie Harinsut (COO/CO-FOUNDER), Wendell Davis (PRODUCT DESIGNER), Thomas Greco (SPECIAL ADVISOR), and Vansa Chatikavanij (MANAGING DIRECTOR).


Where to Buy Omisego (OMG) Coins:

List of some popular exchange where OMG is listed:




  • Proven and Professional- OMG transfer money between businesses and individuals. OMG has a record that it handled roughly $500 million worth of transaction per day.
  • Great Potential- as OMG with a current market caps of 968 million and ranked at #8 among cryptocurrencies, is expected to grow further and has a possible return for the investor. One more reason for possible return is that the team will launch OmiseGo’s first own Blockchain or E-wallet by the end of 2017.
  • Paysbuy acquisition- OmiseGo has recently acquired one of the three largest payment providers in Thailand, Paysbuy. This is an assurance for the investor of getting a better return.
  • Huge ICO- It raised a whopping $25 million with its ICO.
  • McDonald Thailand-The McDonald Thailand with over 240 locations will be using OmiseGo’s payment process.
  • OMG Token and Distribution-Presently one OMG amounts at $7 US Dollar and is currently one of the top 10 cryptos in the world.



As per now, there is no direct way of buying OMG with Fiat currency but it can be brought by using the Bitcoin or Altcoins using instant cryptocurrency exchanges like Changelly, and Shapeshift. The developers are expected to come up with a direct way to buy OMG cryptocurrency in future soon. You may also Grab OMG Tokens in exchange of BTC or ETH through the exchanges like Bittrex and Bitffinex. We have published an article on how you can buy alt coins through BTC in Bitfinex. The developers are expected to come up with a direct way to buy OMG cryptocurrency in future soon.

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