Graft Network is a new platform used by many people for the mode of payment and processing of the payment. This platform is based on Blockchain. As we all know that a Blockchain is a growing list of records which are also known as “blocks” and they are interrelated and safeguarded with cryptography. This also have a unique feature for payment which is prevailing credit card setup. This facility includes all credit card workflows as well as numerous cryptocurrencies, uniform currencies and credit card outflows.


Graft is led by Slava Gomzin (who has 15+ years’ experience in the payment industry with NCR and HP), Dan Itkis (a serial entrepreneur who has built and brought to market over half a dozen products), Vitalius P and Brad Gleeson.

All the user of Graft has to follow a certain payment processing proprieties which are traditional as well as simple. We all have heard about Credit Card, Debit Card and Prepaid Card. All users have to use this process for payment.


Where can you buy Graft (GRFT) Tokens?

Below is the list of exchanges where you can buy GRFT tokens:



Combined Technologies:

Many traders won’t be able to receive cryptocurrencies without third-party payment procedure. This is so because this Blockchain networks is built in an exceptional manner. Here all the process of transactions is different from traditional electronic payment methods. The concept of card payments may have been outdated because technologies have stepped into the world of traders and surrounded them with massive experience and huge trust which cannot be changed overnight.


Graft is supportive to all currency:

Graft is supposed to support Bitcoin and all other forms of cryptocurrencies from both sides, including givers as well as buyers. Individuals do no need to update themselves into any other forms of payment app and waste their time for sign up or log in process. Individuals have the right to decide about the payment process. This helps ensures that the individual will be paid with exact amount.


Benefits of Credit/Debit Cards:

Graft payment operation can take innumerable changeable in the case of cryptocurrencies or other local currencies in a form of credit card or debit card as an process of transaction. This will help Graft to adopt with the payment method by help all the users who are not acquainted enough with cryptocurrency cycle but still feel happier with original method of payment. All an individual look for is security and privacy.



Let us now get into the benefits points of both receivers and buyers:


  • Immediate verification of payment process is done which permit normal online process.
  • There are minimal transaction fees.
  • There are various transaction options which are really not found in every cryptocurrencies
  • It receives all types of cryptocurrencies as well as credit and debit cards which help in eliminating the needs of maintaining the wallet.
  • All users can confirm their personality with the process of authentication of age.



  • There is “NO” transaction fees.
  • Neither the merchant nor the buyers have to pay any fees for transaction.
  • Full protected in case of all personal details of every user.
  • All users have the benefits of using the mobile wallet anywhere with the multi-cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Every user have the right to check their “credit line”
  • Every user can verify without negotiating with their privacy protection.


Graft has three core products which exclude all benefits which include:

Mobile Point of Sale System and Open DAPI:

Graft accepts credit cards and foremost cryptocurrencies with immediate online confirmations.

Multi-Currency Mobile Wallet:

Every user has a multi-currency mobile wallet, where they can really enjoy zero-fee payments. They can do free transaction between wallets and direct exchanges.



Graft is a payment gateway that aims to permits merchants to accept fiat and cryptocurrencies with a higher level of ease. This is possible because of the single POS system which is available both online as well as offline. The POS system lets instant transfers into fiat currencies.

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