Cybersecurity has been a major issue for most of the companies around the world. With the growing technological advances, the hackers are inventing more advanced and improvised methods to infiltrate the cyber security walls.  The traditional penetration testing methods and models are not strong enough and lack the infrastructure, which leaves the company assets highly vulnerable. Furthermore, the process is also quite costly and tiresome. In traditional methods, the companies can avail the expertise of maximum of two penetration testers. So there is a limited scope. Again, even though the problems are detected the companies especially the smaller ones lack the required software team or resources to actually implement the changes. So in the process both the money and time is lost without any actual result.

Introducing Buglab, a Blockchain based highly affordable and reliable penetration testing system for company assets.


Buglab: How does it work?

Buglab is a cybersecurity penetration test Blockchain based startup. It is the brainchild of the veteran cybersecurity engineer Reda Cherqaoui. Buglab is based on the Ethereum platform and it connects the companies and organizations with the global cybersecurity experts and researchers. The ecosystem is based on two distinct functioning platforms: The Buglab Contest and the Vigilante Protocol, which was designed to detect the numerous threats and vulnerabilities across the globe and solve them.


In the Buglab Contest protocol, the expert penetration researchers compete against each other in competitions prescribed by the clients. The clients give their criteria in the Buglab platform and the expert pentesters race against each other within a fixed time frame and make their submissions. The submissions are time stamped in the Blockchain that ensures full transparency and reliability. At the end of the contest, the testers are rewarded accordingly with Buglab tokens. The clients receive a comprehensive report.

In the Vigilante Protocol, Whitehats share their vulnerability discoveries. Buglab then forms a network and connects with all the CERT and CSIRT partners and notifies them of their findings. The Whitehats get rewarded for their contribution.


Buglab will work alongside all companies, IT sectors, financial institutions and retail market places and offer its services to solve the problem. Companies can link with a global network of cybersecurity penetration testers who again gets rewarded for their services. The Buglab token is BGL which is ERC20 compliant. All transactions in Buglab are done through these tokens. Buglab will help small, medium and big companies for protecting and securing their assets and funds.


Buglab Features:

  • Traditional cyber security penetration methods are based on per hour basis which can be quite expensive. Buglab is a far more economic and budget-friendly security solution.
  • Even smallest enterprises that lack both resources and budget can now avail the Buglab services for tackling with cybersecurity issues.
  • A certified list of penetration testers’ work on the system and are ranked on the basis of their skills and discoveries.
  • Clients can now choose testers on the basis of skills, score or country.
  • Only relevant and unique submissions are accepted. All the submissions by the testers go through a vigorous sorting system to avoid repetition and duplication before it could reach the client’s dashboard.
  • The companies receive reports after the security contests are over. They can compare the reports and understand the security status of their assets.
  • If a pentester is dissatisfied about his performance score he can ask Buglab and challenge their decision. Buglab in return will answer to his queries and give appropriate evaluation of the result.
  • The pentesters are ranked according to their experience, performance and results on the dashboard which is visible to the community. The clients can simple select participants according to their requirements and choice.
  • The clients can also directly chat with the pentesters and fix their problem. Buglab personally takes into account that all problems are solved and the necessary actions are implemented.

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