Transportation services are a booming industry now. Technology has solved our transportation needs mostly through the advent of the Uber and Ola cab services, which has made our travel easy. But, how much can we rely on these services? Are we really satisfied with the quality, safety and price that these services among the many other transportation services offering today?

A proper business module needs to be developed which will look after the interests of both the customers and the drivers.


RedCab: How does it work?

Founded in 2016, RedCab LLC offers peer-to-peer transportation solution to riders by catering to the actual needs of both the drivers and the customers through a more transparent, affordable, efficient and amicable customer experience. It aims to solve the problems that both the drivers and the riders are facing today. The main mission is to generate more profit for the drivers and more saving for the customers. The business model is introducing two major concepts the Proof-of-Driving and Proof-of-marketing concepts. Proof-of-Driving allows drivers to earn tokens using GPS on their smartphones. Here, as long as the app is open and the drivers are accepting trips, tokens will be generated and it will multiply by the number of successful trips covered. Proof-of-Marketing is a referral model. This is for customers. Every time a customer refers the App to his friends or families; he will earn tokens as rewards. So, bigger your network the more tokens you earn. The AI driven interface is available in App store and Google Play and can be downloaded anytime.


RedCab allows drivers to retain 100% of the earnings and the customers will only have to pay the cost of the ride. There are no hidden charges both for customers and riders. There is a performance reward system for drivers which will ensure maximum quality ride to the customers.

Cabbi is the personal road trip assistant of RedCab. Cabbi will help both the customers and the drivers in dealing with trips, trip rates, emergencies, wallet transfer, token generation etc.


A unique feature of RedCab is the choice of rides. It has four distinct car models depending on the customers need and pocket.

  1. Economy Cab: This is the most affordable one with lowest fares and suitable for everyday rides and economy class.
  2. Luxury Cab: This is for business meetings or for luxury needs.
  3. Family Cab: This is for big families, family vacations, or senior citizens.
  4. Red Cab: This is for people who want to arrive in style. This offers classy rides and is quite costly, but will leave a lasting impression on the customers.

Features of RedCab

  • Flexible working hours for drivers and more trips per hour.
  • Extremely reliable and secure transportation services for hotels and restaurants.
  • Less waiting time for customers.
  • Customers can choose from multiple riding options.
  • Reward system to earn tokens for both riders and drivers.
  • Carpooling facility where multiple customers can ride a car and enjoy the benefits of low fares.
  • The App is available in more than 6 languages and is linked with global maps.
  • A sharing ride route feature where a person can share the route with a family and even children can avail the service under the strict monitor of an adult family or friend. This ensures safety and security to the customers.
  • You can schedule your rides beforehand and plan your next meetings accordingly.
  • The Peer to Peer or P2P feature which allows customers to get the nearest drivers possible.
  • Geo-location marketing technology is used which will also boost customer satisfaction and business aspect all at the same time.
  • Customers can also link their social media account to their RedCab profile. They have to participate in a short survey which will again help the App developers to understand the customer satisfaction, behaviour and need.


RedCab wants to work alongside the community at large and wants to take care and contribute to the society. For e.g. if it is raining or there is a huge traffic jam near to your destination, RedCab won’t charge you more. RedCab wants to develop into a transportation platform where it can not only cater to the needs of its customers but also enhance the business module and develop the transportation industry at large.

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