The Tedchain Ecosystem is a Blockchain based gaming platform developed by the pioneering efforts of Intel and Google. It is an online decentralized high speed gaming network where the community can play games.


Today, the gaming industry is one of the most vibrant economic industries and the Global Games Market is predicted to reach around 137.9 billion dollars by the end of 2018. The mobile digital gaming market including smartphones can generate around 80% of the total gaming revenue. More or less everyone nowadays have one or more smartphones. These smartphones now serve as gaming consoles for many. We all look for some kind of entertainment when we are bored. It can be a movie that we watch on our phone or it can be a new game that we have just installed. The portable android phones have made gaming hassle-free and easy. So, the gaming industry is becoming more and more popular as an entertainment industry.


Tedchain has been developed to venture into the gaming industry in order to provide more security and privacy to the gamers and users, to facilitate transparency and provide easy monetization through the use of cryptocurrency and smart contracts to its global users.


How does it work?

Tedchain allows its users and gamers to play games on its platform and on return rewards them with Tedchain tokens or TED tokens. The user can then sell these tokens even outside the gaming portal. These tokens can be used for in-game purchase and sell of gaming items between players. The TED tokens are exchanged into TED coins, which are used widely for all gaming transactions in the platform. The Tedchain wallet is another application that can be used by the users for their various transactions. Tedchain will be developing and launching its own games and will allow other third party developers to use the platform to develop their own games.


Prospects of Tedchain:

  • Tedlab has developed a new protocol called the Tedchain protocol, which allows transfer and exchange of virtual goods and services. It has also developed a P2P global marketplace, which will enable decentralized buying and selling of these virtual services and goods.
  • The Tedchain decentralized playstore app or Dapp is very similar to other playstores like that of Google or Apple and provides a very user-friendly interface.
  • The Tedchain develops and distributes its own games and connects the gamers worldwide.
  • Its reward system and progressive game mechanics and tools motivate and inspire the gamers. It also plans on launching new game competitions in the future that can be played by users worldwide.
  • Using Tedchain you can now play games not only on your mobiles but on PCs as well as other platforms.
  • The Portal is a gaming forum where gamers can play as well as trade on online goods and services.
  • Tedchain uses Proof-of-state and Proof-of-Authority based consensus protocol that rewards long-term users for their participation in the system. The reward system is based on how old your coins are and the quantity of coins you hold.
  • The players exchange or trade with the help of Tedcoins, which again can be exchanged in the Tedchain market place.



Tedchain’s aims to enhance your gaming experience and make it more fun-filled and entertaining. It is a community gaming portal and has a financial aspect to it where you can earn for playing games. The application is very secure where developers can use their unique knowledge to develop new games and trade them in the platform. Tedchain is a decentralized gaming ecosystem that will make gaming more interesting and joyful in the near future.

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