The internet has been the biggest worldwide communication of network that has been the part and parcel of our lives for generations now. Everybody uses it, from individuals to hospitals, big business houses and even government organizations. But with this rising usage of internet, big companies are paying millions of dollars to gain access to the private data of internet browsers. They track our browsing history to understand and predict the behaviour of their prospective customers. Companies are spending huge money on pop-up ads and other malware ads, which are quite intrusive, have security issues, and also affect the internet bandwidth. Internet users are very concerned about their privacy as companies can now track our private interests, shopping behaviour, our last visited places and so on. Moreover, these pop-up ads are highly irritating and users are becoming more and more frustrated due to these ads. is a one-time solution where users can enjoy ad-free, malware-free, secure browsing experience without being continuously interrupted by these pushy ads.


About is a decentralized Blockchain based platform that allows users to enjoy a secure, non-traceable and ad-free internet service. The website operators will not be denied of their revenue as well. using the Blockchain technology has designed a unique revenue scheme where the web operators can earn revenue directly proportional to the number of visitors, time spent on their pages, which will create a more secure and healthy environment.


How does it work?

The main mission of is to prioritize the interest of the users. It uses a Blockchain based technology based on the Ethereum platform. It will implement an ad-blocking and anti-malware system on all websites. Mass adoption will ensure more and more involvement of website operators and make it more popular in the near future. The tracking script blocker will prevent companies to track the private data of the internet users. Users can also give their opinions on the platform and warn other fellow internet browsers about a suspicious or poor-quality website. Its unique wallet app will work on mobiles and all the other operating systems. The wallet will ensure a two-factor authentication process, fingerprint and face recognition etc. Furthermore, the platform ensures three types of tokens, Online Ethereum Token (OIO), ICE Ethereum Token (ICE) and Trust Token (TST). The tokens will follow Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Online algorithms.


Significant Features of ICO:

  • Tokens are listed in all the major cryptocurrency exchanges and are globally accepted.
  • The specifically designed multifunctional mobile app will work as a wallet, tracking script blocker, ad blocker, and anti malware as well.
  • io will work on all the major operating systems, desktop and mobile browsers.
  • The website will also provide an internal marketplace for buying in-house market system. Payments will be done through cryptocurrencies by using APIs and merchant modules.
  • Website users can now enjoy a trusted ad-free, malware-free, secure web experience.
  • As for the website operators, they can now earn revenue by using the new high quality website module.
  • Increased bandwidth and performance of websites.
  • A website rating system to be implemented soon to assess the quality of the websites. aims to put a stop on Government agencies and big corporate houses prying in our private and confidential data. will emerge as a groundbreaking ecosystem that will revolutionize our browsing experience and make the internet a more safe and interesting experience for us.

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