Who doesn’t want to shop online? Many of us just want to sit in the comfort of our home and make purchases. The online shopping platforms like Flipkart and Amazon have made that possible through their easy online payment systems. These platforms provide a wide variety of products. The B2B or B2C E-commerce is a major market. It is expected that mobile E-commerce will occupy 70% of the E-commerce market by the end of 2018. The e-commerce industry is expected to earn revenue of about $4.5 Trillion by the end of 2021. But, the industry is facing some major drawbacks like high transaction fees and security issues, etc.


Blockonomics was launched in early 2015 as a decentralized Bitcoin payment solution. Since its advent, it has worked alongside other E-commerce sites by introducing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other Altcoins as its payment option for all trading purposes. It is a decentralized, commission-less payment system. Tokens used in the Blockonomics platform are BCK tokens.


Key Features of Blockonomics:

  • Blockonomics will increase the functionality of your already existing wallets.
  • The Bitcoin Wallet Watcher will allow you to receive email notifications, keep a history of your wallet balance etc.
  • It is very beneficial for small business organizations that now can have a direct control of their earnings.
  • It eliminates the role of the intermediaries by generating Bitcoins directly to your wallets. No prior KYC or other paper-work approval is required.
  • You can now send Bitcoins to your friends and families via email as well.
  • Customers can use BCK tokens worldwide for more than over 2000 Blockonomics powered stores without paying any transaction fees. In return, they can again get bonuses and rewards for such transactions.
  • Reduces fraud as the cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible and the customers cannot ask for a chargeback. However, in case of discrepancy legitimate refunds can be issued to the customer for new transactions.
  • It eliminates the geographical barrier. You can make payments anywhere using cryptocurrencies.
  • A transaction fee as low as zero as compared to other payment methods like PayPal or credit cards.
  • Lightening speed transactions.

Many of the leading E-commerce stores have already undertaken cryptocurrencies as a payment option as a way to improve their services and generate more customer satisfaction.

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