Bitfair is an innovative online platform introduced for the trading (buying or selling) of crypto currencies. It is being designed exclusively for those traders with a high passion in crypto currency trading. Off course, it has created a big revolution in the field of trading. It utilizes an asset exchange to overcome all types of flaws associated with crypto currency trading. It offers constant profit, irrespective of price fluctuations in the crypto currency market.


A wide variety of SOC trading contracts are available with bitfair and the traders can be able to place orders on any one of the tokens, according to their wish. The execution of all the SOC trades is done in an automatic manner in bitfair. Such executions and triggers will be made, once bitfair go through the pre – determined conditions. Thomas Van der Spuy and Greg Van der Spuy are the two co – founders of this platform.


The tokens of bitfair are usually referred to as ‘XBF’ or ‘Bitfair exchange tokens’, where the value of 1 XBF is 0.05 US Dollars ($0.05). These tokens can be purchased by traders from all over the world except USA, Syria, Mainland China, and North Korea and Cuba. The hard cap limit is $20,000,000 and the soft cap limit is $4,000,000.


Unique features of Bitfair:

  • It offers a huge profit rate, in comparison with the other crypto trading platforms.
  • It records each and every trade performed across the platform in an SOC (Smart Option Contract).
  • It lets the users to select their favorite crypto currencies for trading, as per their wish.
  • It never needs a centralized broker for its operation.
  • It eliminates all the issues associated with trading in the present crypto currency market.
  • It helps in the enhancement of crypto space.
  • It contains a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with a dedicated support facility.

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