BeepBeep Nation is a web application (App) that uses eminent tokens as its fuel. It is a decentralized marketplace that offers immediate help to the users. It is regarded as the mother of all other online apps available today on the internet. It provides some services at free – of – cost and is the major aspect, which most of the online apps cannot offer. It sells some kinds of physical and digital products. It can be downloaded either from the google play store or from the app store. It is based on ethereum ERC–20 standards and it accepts ethereum payments.


Some highly preferable and vital services will be delivered to those requestors, who stake several eminent tokens in their beepbeep nation accounts. The task of judging disputes between the helpers and requestors will be assigned only to those randomly selected users, who are verified with higher ratings. Some subscriptions are also available with beepbeep nation, in order for the users to receive beeps in their desired locations.


The usage of eminent tokens (EMN) increases with the increase in the user base of beepbeep nation app. Then the value of eminent tokens will also be getting increased simultaneously. Beepbeep nation allows only the non – US citizens to buy its tokens and to participate in the token sale.


Unique features of BeepBeep nation:

  • It offers services at cheaper rates, in comparison with the market rates.
  • It permits the users (both helpers and requestors) to make safe and secure transactions inside the system. Such safety is ensured with the help of an escrow protection mechanism.
  • It gives a bonus of around 5% to its users.
  • It has an exclusive referral campaign, through which it rewards the new users with some free credits.
  • It helps the users in advertising the products, which they wall to sell or searching the products, which they want to buy. This is normally achieved by posting ads in the classifieds.
  • It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

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